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  • Robere_Starkk 已評論,

    I second this, but would like to go even further and basically say that the way muting channels works should also be how auto-showing spoilers works.Notification settings can be done at the server ...

  • Robere_Starkk 已建立貼文,

    Twitch Embed requires Login for Australia - Bug Report / Feature Request

    Twitch have recently made a change to their Content Classification:, for Australian (and probably other) users...

  • Robere_Starkk 已評論,

    I posted this same response in another suggestion, but this one has more upvotes!The fact there's multiple requests for more or less the same functionality is telling!I second this, it would be us...

  • Robere_Starkk 已評論,

    I second this, but even for just general temporary notifications.Fair enough to have an announcements channel, but occasionally something will crop up temporarily that you just want to say "Look, h...

  • Robere_Starkk 已評論,

    One possibility is to outsource the plugins to a degree.Discord is built on Electron, which is built on Chromium.Theoretically, the Google Chrome App Store Majigger could be used as a Discord Plugi...

  • Robere_Starkk 已建立貼文,

    Display status/activity (Game, Music, etc) in Group DM's

    If you're talking to people in a DM/group DM and want/need to know whether they are playing a game or listening to music, you have to either click their name, or change to a server that you have in...