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    How to enable your server for Server Discovery

    Adding Server Discovery to the mix requires a new toggle for server managers to control if their server appears (or doesn't appear) in Server Discovery! Here we'll go over where to access this togg...

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    您是否想為您加成的伺服器披上獨一無二的包裝呢?如果您的伺服器已經達到等級2,就可以使用「伺服器橫幅​​」功能囉!如果您的伺服器已經達到等級3,還能升級為「動態伺服器橫幅」。趕快來看一下伺服器橫幅​​的功能詳細吧! 這篇文章涵蓋了哪些內容: 伺服器橫幅 動態伺服器橫幅 橫幅設置指南 如何上傳橫幅到伺服器上 常見問題 如果我的伺服器沒有加成,可以獲得伺服器橫幅的功能嗎? 如何從一個達到加成等...

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    File Name Too Long for Windows

    When trying to install a game purchased from a server, you may run into an error like the one below! It's possible the install directory is above the allowed 260 character limit resulting in the er...

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    Mic Testing

    Sup!.... Can you hear me…? Is anyone there…? Type something in chat if you can hear me… (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳                                                                                          ( ╯°□°)╯...

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    當試圖啟動遊戲時遇到麻煩,可能會有一些事情阻止遊戲運行。這些原因可能是故意的,也可能是無意的。 在本指南中,我們將介紹您無法啟動遊戲的所有故意原因。這些情況是由於缺乏遊戲權利。基本上,你仍然看到遊戲的可執行文件(.exe),但Discord卻說了“不”。In 您遺失這些權限的一些原因是: 您仍然擁有該遊戲的可執行文件,但遊戲已經退款。 該遊戲已從商店或Nitro上提供的遊戲中刪除。 當其...

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    Slowmode - Slllooowwwiiinng down your channel

    This can be exciting... But sometimes you’d like to give your channel a giant chill pill. We’ve made that pill! Introducing Slowmode! The most convenient way to make your channel chill out. So, W...

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    Setting up Priority Speaker

    Let’s face it, you can get loud & we don’t want y'all having to yell over each other. So we built Priority Speaker! Think of this feature like giving someone the ability to speak at volume 11, when...