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    How to enable your server for Server Discovery

    Adding Server Discovery to the mix requires a new toggle for server manager to control if their server appears (or doesn't appear) in Server Discovery! Here we'll go over where to access this toggl...

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    Server Banner Background & Invite Splash Image

    While introducing new features to Verified Servers we introduced an optional image for servers. This image displayed at the top of the channel list and was called the Server Banner Background. The...

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    File Name Too Long for Windows

    When trying to install a game purchased from a server, you may run into an error like the one below! It's possible the install directory is above the allowed 260 character limit resulting in the er...

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    Nitro Gifting

      Introducing the newest & best way to express your love! Nitro Gifting is here! You can now gift monthly & yearly subscriptions of Nitro & Nitro Classic. You’re also going to want a convenient &...

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    Mic Testing

    Sup!.... Can you hear me…? Is anyone there…? Type something in chat if you can hear me… (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳                                                                                          ( ╯°□°)╯...

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    當試圖啟動遊戲時遇到麻煩,可能會有一些事情阻止遊戲運行。這些原因可能是故意的,也可能是無意的。 在本指南中,我們將介紹您無法啟動遊戲的所有故意原因。這些情況是由於缺乏遊戲權利。基本上,你仍然看到遊戲的可執行文件(.exe),但Discord卻說了“不”。In 您遺失這些權限的一些原因是: 您仍然擁有該遊戲的可執行文件,但遊戲已經退款。 該遊戲已從商店或Nitro上提供的遊戲中刪除。 當其...

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    Slowmode - Slllooowwwiiinng down your channel

    This can be exciting... But sometimes you’d like to give your channel a giant chill pill. We’ve made that pill! Introducing Slowmode! The most convenient way to make your channel chill out. So, W...

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    Setting up Priority Speaker

    Let’s face it, you can get loud & we don’t want y'all having to yell over each other. So we built Priority Speaker! Think of this feature like giving someone the ability to speak at volume 11, when...