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Batroni 的最新活動
  • Batroni 已評論,

    For some people that don't have a good internet connection it is a live safer to limit the download speed and i hope that this is an feature they working on.

  • Batroni 已評論,

    I would suggest a new exclusiv system for Discord. We have Wumpus and should use him for this like some Points to get some bonus like Nitro price reduction or  some Discord exclusive games.

  • Batroni 已評論,

    I don't think that steam could sue Discord just because they added an feature for Mod implementation. And first we should optimize the shop with better search function (like searching or Blocking s...

  • Batroni 已評論,

    How about colors for special roles? Or some kind of css code you can use to color some sentences.