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  • Add support for discord:// on iOS

    Would be nice if iOS would also support discord:// url scheme like any other app. Android and desktop and probably others support it already, why does iOS not? Here's how to do it (to

  • Extra search button.

    The next to the member icon one, It doesn’t looks good, I would suggest removing it or.. replacing it with a settings gear icon so people know that there is more/click here for the channel things/s...

  • /spotify command

    this to integrate it more in the chat native instead of bots doing it so what this command should do it is, send a beautiful card with rounded corners showing everything it can like the song name, ...

  • support for the new floating keyboard in iPadOS 13

      it’s a really useful tiny iPhone keyboard but currently discord thinks it’s full sized so it extends the keyboard part when using it   This:  

  • Do Not Disturb for mobile


    Currently Do Not Disturb mode only disables desktop notifications and not mobile notifications. Is there a way for this to change and work on mobile too?

  • make the right and left menu’s also light in light mode

  • able to set a specific color for the role your bot joins a server with. on the invite page when creating a invite for it.

    Wouldn't it be so useful and amazing?! be able to set the color of the role for servers it joins so you (the server owner) doesn't have to bother going in to settings of the server to set it.