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    Okay, so I've just gone back to v15.6 on both my phones. What can I say? It's perfect. It's really made my day. You can go back to an earlier version of Discord using this method here. https://supp...

  • PPlank 已評論,

    15.6 - beautiful and fast, does it all.

  • PPlank 已評論,

    Bloatware.This happens when devs have nothing left to do with mature software and feel they need to justify their existence. Remember ICQ? Remember Skype? They were great when they were small and l...

  • PPlank 已評論,

    Yeah this REALLY sucks. I've spent the last 3+(?) years using the back button to change to another channel and now it just closes the app. It's driving me nuts. We ALREADY had a way to close Discor...