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  • > Have a simple payment system to get high quality streaming ( can be low FPS) for screen sharing Either nitro ($5/mo) will give you 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps, with Go Live (in servers) at source. ...

  • Mistrey Wolf, "The Discord for Business that i made is only a design , and it is not possible to make with any "theme changer" as its not just a theme yet a whole new infrastructure ." I'm aware. M...

  • I don't see any issues with using Discord to communicate as a company. With 'Discord for Business', I don't think anyone meant it to sell your product, which I think you are implying. People in thi...

  • BetterDiscord is against the ToS: any modifications to Discord or custom implementations of the Discord API (using a user account) are. This is not ideal for a company.

  • Access to your private channels? The idea we're proposing is that we're able to automate the items the Discord client currently offers. The selfbots would see exactly the same as their respective u...

  • Things such as capturing custom emotes, etc. etc. become more tedious and annoying, as i need to include other modules I've written into said bots for their own development- on the servers the bot...

  • There are bots that can duplicate, backup, etc. your server.

  • If you're already in voice or text chat (as you said in your pre-edit), I don't see why you don't just say "Hey, I'm gonna grab a drink real quick" (and mute yourself if you're in voice).

  • Such rebel. Anyways, one of the biggest reasons I think most people want selfbots is because they want to expand the possibilities of their user account. It'd be so dang useful to be able to easily...

  • Agreed. 1) Special, heavily ratelimited API 2) Option in server settings 3) Disallow fetchMessages, fetchUsers