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zORg_alex 的最新活動
  • zORg_alex 已評論,

    Yeah. Discord thinks that there is 2 windows or something. It flickers from main window to canvas when I draw anything there.

  • zORg_alex 已評論,

    You actually can add notes on their profile, but you can view them only there. Can't rename though. Steam has a good feature in their friends, to add a nickname visible in brackets.

  • zORg_alex 已評論,

    I think you need to enable debug in settings and copy persons id to identify him. that number can be changed.

  • zORg_alex 已評論,

    I don't think it is legit"@zORg_alex 🔪 You have win an Gift of 1 Nitro Year and x30 Boost !"This bot's gramma is very aveful. XDI bet bot can do stuff to your server, or it just need to spread, and...