i like to dab

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  • aftoner 已評論,

    personally id love to have this! just imagine saying "hey siri ping my server" and itd ping! also, if you need to reply to a message but you're too lazy to open the app this would help.

  • aftoner 已評論,

    this would be p cool to see because right now if we wanna translate something we have to copy the message and head on over to google translate. this would speed up the process so much!

  • aftoner 已評論,

    Something I've noticed with the company is that when they came in, more reports of incorrect translations started popping up. Whether these are actual mistakes or just actual errors I'm not sure, t...

  • aftoner 已評論,

    this would be pretty cool to see discord doing! gives another reason to buy the smart keyboard.

  • aftoner 已建立貼文,

    character ref sheets for house mascots

    drawing the house mascots right now is a bit hard, maybe make some reference sheets?