Certified Discord Moderator, Handeling huge communities and company servers.

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  • Add Regex to Search type

    Hi, Last week i was looking for an ID that i talk in a Mod room, but it was a while and i were not able to search, if we can set like Regex: ([1-9])\w{16,19} it would be easy. even to research prec...

  • Make Screen selector Option

    Hi, I have 2 screen and Discord lunches always on the bad screen, i hope you can add a screen selector in options so i can choose the right one and Discord will always open on it.

  • Make Verified Bot Badge

    This is a suggestion for a Bot Verified Badge with all Problems and solution that it gives and why it should be integrated. Please read until the end before Voting, this is the result of a huge wor...

  • Open DMs to more type of users (Bot, Friend of a Friend, Only Server Moderators, Etc...)

    I would like to add categories like for example Bots (prevents Bot Ad and left out), Only for server Moderator, Only for friend of a friend, block invitations in DMs. Moreover it would be great if ...

  • sound reaction with emotes

    make possible the way to add a little mp3 file to a reaction (example the Mario coin) and when you react this do the .mp3 file (example the Mario coin sound)

  • Make Phone app use less data

    I use to live in a low internet region and Discord take between 3 mins and 34 minutes to start (I talk about phone) for 60 kB/s Messages send in 1 minute This is very bad for people with low inte...

  • Nitro Gift on community

    Allow users to give a nitro to a community ! Discord will found a non nitro user and Clyde will send him a message with the Donator name and the nitro link, this can allow to giveaway 100 nitros in...

  • Make Invitation redirect appears like Discord Invitations

    i want if someone send me a link who redirect to an invitation to know that, this will make Admin and Bot work easy for big guild and make Discord more beautiful ^^

  • Make "Answerd" tag appears on the research page

    when you are here : why the tag doesn't appear ? this will be better for the dupe quest than click on it to see it 

  • Rich Presence lock

    We need to be able to lock the rich presence of somone who use this to advertising or promote selbot solding or use API commands to look in stream when he doesn't to redirect to a bad link, it will...