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  • ᵁᴰᵉᵃᴰ ArMaGeDoNx 已評論,

    That's why it can be an option. If you want the simple way, you can do stay with the simple one. 

  • ᵁᴰᵉᵃᴰ ArMaGeDoNx 已評論,

    It was dope on TS3. This fonction is an OPTION so you can use the basic system (the one currently on discord) and for advanced player, you can use the second one (the power system)

  • ᵁᴰᵉᵃᴰ ArMaGeDoNx 已建立貼文,

    Role Permission Power (Like TeamSpeak 3)

    *It can be an OPTION and not an OBLIGATION *A second system and the actual one won't be deleted   A advanced way to customise roles more.   For example : The Role ADMIN as : 10 powers needed of : R...

  • ᵁᴰᵉᵃᴰ ArMaGeDoNx 已評論,

    Contact the support for those issues

  • ᵁᴰᵉᵃᴰ ArMaGeDoNx 已建立貼文,

    Paying to have a server = less random servers

    Puting a price, for exemple, 5$ a month will decrease the number of servers a lot.   By that, the discord Community will be more solid and there won't be like 1000+ dead servers with 10-20 people. ...