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  • Knouvael'Qeskre (Feathertooth) 已評論,

    I understand that Discord really could use Nitro and make more money for their product, but at the cost of making the user experience worse? It's becoming more like we are pushed and shoved to buy ...

  • Knouvael'Qeskre (Feathertooth) 已評論,

    Direct messaging was what I did most in Discord. This bar, with the addition to the Nitro button, makes the functionality worse. DMs is one of the reasons why I like Discord as much as I do.

  • Knouvael'Qeskre (Feathertooth) 已評論,

    It was way easier to click on the bar itself to go to a message. I don't need to see the profile / descriptions of my friends. I already know who they are. Having to go all the way to the right to ...

  • Knouvael'Qeskre (Feathertooth) 已評論,

    I'm absolutely not a fan of these two buttons either. They get in the way when I write something almost all the time. What's the purpose of a chat bar if you can't even type in the whole bar itself...