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    [Known Issue] Expanding Server List with Screen Readers

    As of May 28th, 2020, it has come to our attention that Screen Readers on Discord are no longer able to expand the Server List with the “Enter” key. Unfortunately, this has caused issues for acces...

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    Public Server Welcome Screen

    There is now an easier way for you to identify if a community is right for you. Discord is home to many servers and interesting user-interface designs ranging from the pound sign next to a channel ...

  • Sam 已建立文章,

    [Known Issues] New Chat Text Box

    [they’re coding bugs …] With the release of our new and improved Chat Text Box comes the coding critters of the dark---bugs! 🐛 Here is a long and detailed article to satisfy and answer your curios...

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    請注意:這篇翻譯文章目的是為了幫助您理解FAQ的原文說明,但只有英語原文內容具有最終解釋權。 您可以依照您的喜好,在「使用者設定」>「隱私&安全」裡調整隱私設置,設定畫面看起來像這樣: 用量統計 如果您關閉了這項服務,我們將不會繼續追蹤您的使用方式,或是依照您的基本數據提供您也許需要的導航內容,履行我們對客戶的承諾,以及滿足我們的法律需求。基本數據指的是,例如您實際上加入了一個伺服器,但我...

  • Sam 已建立文章,

    Spotify FAQ

    There are a few things to be aware of when using Discord's Spotify Connection: Enabling cross fading causes an abrupt stop during song change for listeners. For mobile phones using listening along...

  • Sam 已建立文章,

    Custom Tags with Discord Nitro

    You can now have custom Discord Tags with a Nitro subscription! Limitations with Discord Tags Before we start, there is some important information you should know about custom Discord Tags Yo...

  • Sam 已建立文章,

    Discord Spotify連接

    通過我們全新的Spotify連接功能,您的朋友可以看到您正在收聽的內容,播放Spotify曲目,甚至可以一起收聽! 迷你用戶資料和用戶資料 如果您將Spotify帳戶與Discord相關聯,則迷你用戶資料和完整用戶資料文件中都會顯示相關信息: Discord上的Spotify有幾個令人興奮的特點 您將能夠與朋友分享您正在收聽的歌曲。 您的朋友將有能力播放您正在收聽的歌曲。 你的朋友甚至可...

  • Sam 已建立文章,

    Listening Along with Spotify

    You can also invite your friends to listen in with you, while you're listening to music! Important Note: To invite friends to listen, they'll need to have Spotify Premium or they'll receive an erro...

  • Sam 已建立文章,


    有時候在Discord有新的更新時,您的防毒軟體也許會跳出錯誤提示,並主動幫您封鎖下載或安裝更新檔。 如果以上狀況發生,請您先暫時關閉防毒軟體功能,讓Discord能正常下載,在下載完成後您可以再啟動防毒軟體的功能。 如果您在更新上仍然碰到困難,請試試看 這篇文章 裡提供的步驟,看看是否有幫助!

  • Sam 已建立文章,

    Spotify Auto Pause

    Oh no! Spotify keeps pausing while you're listening, but why?! If you are transmitting with your mic in voice chat for 30 seconds while Spotify is playing, Spotify will stop playing, and you'll ge...