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  • 🌟A$E🌟 已評論,

    There is no point in paying for a server as a private server owner, it costs around 50$ to get the server level to level 2, n once u stop paying u’ll be loosing all your perks. I get what people sa...

  • 🌟A$E🌟 已建立貼文,

    Bug in sorting the roles at the bottom

    When u try to sort the roles on iPhone XS Max, those at the botton, makes the roles jump like crazy. I recorded it but i can only send a pic here cuz u dont support video

  • 🌟A$E🌟 已評論,

    Yeah me too its really annoying, since everyone of my friends nowadays are signed in on ios or android the hole server seems offline. Or where u can chose always online, if it doesnt work on ios u ...

  • 🌟A$E🌟 已評論,

    Yeah this would be great, but also be able to be online all the time even if u close the app on ios. As it is now, when u close the app u automatically ho offline which is useless even setting a st...