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  • 1 second ratelimit for user accounts on ban endpoint

    As the title says make user accounts UNABLE to ban more than 1 person per second, why??Simple it avoids self bots that have 0 rate limit whatsoever from nuking servers. Should it affect bots? No ju...

  • Member List minimization

    So sometime we have enormous servers with a bunch of roles...and we wanna find a person on the list but you just have to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of people....I guess this can be s...

  • Permission Watcher (admin or /w specific perm) Okay this screenshot makes it easier to understand what I am suggesting, I feel like for as simples as permissions are when it comes to manage big servers and huge amounts...

  • Twitch Streamer Notifications

    You'd be able as a streamer to have in server notifications and enable them for your twitch server so followers never miss one when notifications don't come in, as well as a user set notification I...