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  • I think adding in the ability to indicate an expected return to normal server activities (like "server maintenance will finish on [time] [DD/MM/YY]"), and maybe an ability for members to opt-in to ...

  • I'm always a big fan of encouraging people to read and be exposed to literature, so if there's no severe difficulties in implementing it, I think this would be a great idea to add.

  • Accidentally moving servers in the list is very annoying, so instituting either a lock or a delay in (long-)clicking would tamp down on that frustration.

  • I, too, miss the early 2000s, but this would be a legibility issue for some users, especially since Discord is primarily a static medium.

  • Being able to partition off emojis would be very useful, especially for people that are prone to abusing emojis and irritating everybody else. Having this be an earned feature within a server, at t...

  • Not being able to mute role pings on any notification setting is incredibly annoying, because it defeats the purpose of disabling notifications.

  • User profile links are a good idea, especially if they can be used for friending purposes since the current friending method is fraught with complications.

  • I think if this were handled well with regards to avoiding eye-searing colours, and possibly user-side customization a la themes, being able to highlight text would be a great feature.

  • Being able to see how many people, if not who, clicked a link would be useful, especially when it comes to making sure everybody's on the same page with a topic.

  • Being able to ping/poke someone is genuinely a useful feature, though I'm curious to see how Discord would implement it.