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Kio 的最新活動
  • Kio 已評論,

    I never said that 500Eu. is not fair. I'm just saying that people need to pay the bills. 9.99/m is more than fair to make up for all the free shit they're giving you.

  • Kio 已評論,

    I guess I understand that, but at the same time, this is how Discord makes money. As Wumpus says, Bandwidth does not grow on trees. They have to pay at least $200/month for the servers, and that's ...

  • Kio 已評論,

    DRM in a video game is a choice by the developer. There is DISPATCH, Discord's DRM service, which is most likely being used at this moment by most of the games. That being said, many developers cho...

  • Kio 已評論,

    Now I'm curious. How do I get -6 votes in the span of minutes? The feature is extremely useful to those who can't pay the price for a license.

  • Kio 已評論,

    People for some reason don't like the truth. Discord *is* an online app. AKA, Electron. You're basically downloading a slim version of chrome. Now, it can be possible, but pirates can take advantag...

  • Kio 已建立貼文,

    IARC for Game Devs

    There's a way to get digital ratings easily and quickly, and it'd called IARC. Just answer simple questions, and you get a rating! They support ESRB, Australian Ratings board, and more.