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  • An option to toggle the dragging and dropping of server lists


    I'm in a lot of servers, but I like to mark them as read by pressing and holding the icon instead of going to each server one by one as it really helps speed things up. However in android alpha 915...

  • Ability to mark a folder as read

    It would be nice to mark a folder as read as this would save me so much time with folders that have quite a few servers.

  • Accessibility roleback for Android


    If you seen recently, Android Alpha (v889) has removed the status and only has the colour dots left. This isn't very friendly for colourblind users as it was prior to that version. I think it woul...

  • Ability to copy links that have markdown actve on them

    So on Android, you can copy links directly without markdown. It would be nice to do that with markdown as well

  • More descriptive badge info for Android

    So you know how you have the modal for Nitro, Early supporter and the new nitro boosting. I think it would be nice to have a modal for the BH badge (link to DTesters) , HSE badge (Link to apply for...

  • Option for markdown in the copy / cut menu

    You know when you press and hold text that you're typing / editing and you get the option for cutting and pasting, it would be nice to have all the markdown options there to make it easier.

  • Ability to have a date feature for Android

    I think it's already on PC, but it would be nice to have a search feature for the date of a sent message (which could be added with the other filters like mentions: and from:)

  • Ability to have slowmode extended to images

    It would be nice to have a maximum amount of images you can post in a channel, and then that triggers slowmode (of course uploading images still triggers slowmode but it would be nice to have a lim...

  • Subservers

    So, let's say I have a really big server, but I have staff channels in a different server. I don't really want to have it on a different server, but I don't want it to be in a different category (f...