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marimo🌸 的最新活動
  • marimo🌸 已評論,

    YES PLEASE I want to be able to save posts and come back to them easily, in servers i don't have perms in/just for me even if i do have perms

  • marimo🌸 已建立貼文,

    Open Pictures In Deskop App Instead of Browser

    I have the setting not to immediately display images in case someone uploads something inappropriate and I'm viewing discord at work, etc; however when I click the image to reveal it, I want to see...

  • marimo🌸 已評論,

    here's the thing - if threading is added, nobody is forced to use it. you could make it not the convention in your server if you please. but it would be really useful (I can really see a benefit in...

  • marimo🌸 已評論,

    yes please! chat goes by so fast and things get lost, threads would allow people to dive deeper into the conversations they're most interested in and keep things visually organised.