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  • Discord isn't ignoring.  They specifically said they won't comment on any potential features as they don't want to promise anything that turns out to not end up working out.

  • No and yes. I want threads, but done differently than Slack.  I still want everything chronological, but with the ability to view a thread as if it was its own channel. 

  • Personally I don’t like Slack threads. They aren’t visually distinct enough and I often miss them. I’m drawing my reference from the Mattermost chat platform.

  • We couldn’t. My proposal (posted here months ago) is that messages get a new “parentMessage” field to track threads. All messages get posted to the feed in chronological order, but have an indicat...

  • What if you wanted to convert and existing channel? Would need to be an all or nothing.

  • I haven’t checked, but is this listed on the Discord Support Trello or their support server chat?

  • How do I do a :thumbs_up: here to show I agree with you, @jsmrcaga?

  • The main difference to me is that on Slack, the sender has the option to post only in thread or in the main channel.  If only posted to the thread, I have not seen good notifications when messages ...

  • @kuroe, Here are some samples I found online.  (Note - these are in the default light theme :) Main message list is in the middle, with all message chronologically and an arrow indicator on how man...

  • I like the idea of threads, but closer to how Mattermost does it, not Slack.  All messages are in the main message list, but you can pull out a conversation to see just those messages.