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  • ReallyAmused July 28, 2020 Hey everyone, Cat's out of the bag, I guess. We are indeed working o...

  • To everyone saying Discord is ignoring this request, please see They have acknowledged it is be...

  • Devs are not ignoring.  They specifically said they won't comment either way on this feature.  They are not making any promises as it hasn't been decided if this will happen and they won't say anyt...

  • There was a previous message (now well buried) where Discord said we hear you but won’t comment on on future features. They don’t want to promise something that doesn’t work out, nor commit to a ti...

  • Discord has acknowledged they are aware of this interest, but will not comment on whether or not it will actually happen.

  • Discord isn't ignoring.  They specifically said they won't comment on any potential features as they don't want to promise anything that turns out to not end up working out.

  • No and yes. I want threads, but done differently than Slack.  I still want everything chronological, but with the ability to view a thread as if it was its own channel. 

  • Personally I don’t like Slack threads. They aren’t visually distinct enough and I often miss them. I’m drawing my reference from the Mattermost chat platform.

  • We couldn’t. My proposal (posted here months ago) is that messages get a new “parentMessage” field to track threads. All messages get posted to the feed in chronological order, but have an indicat...