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  • Random Elephant 已評論,

    Please. Quoting wasn't upgraded to replying. Reply is a whole new feature that has nothing to do with actual quotes. Making quoting 6 steps harder than it was before for no reason at all is a dumb ...

  • Random Elephant 已評論,

    Just adding that almost all photos my Android phone makes are 8.4 MB in size. Not sure why, but even after lowering the quality from 13MPx to 8MPx it still is 8.4 MB. Now Android has a cool feature...

  • Random Elephant 已評論,

    I gave up on waiting for the feature already. But I would at least expect something more in terms of communication than a two years old post saying: "Yeah, we saw the thread".

  • Random Elephant 已評論,

    Is this planned but hard or something, or is this whole thread being completely ignored?Like is there any other official statement than "Yeah, we saw the thread a year ago"