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  • Add Privacy setting: No contact from large joint servers

    Joining bigger servers increases the number of people who can contact you. Lately, my friends and I get a ton of spam/phishing messages asking whether we would "sell our account" and other things. ...

  • Plantronics headset mute button not working in discord


    I haven't installed the Plantronics support program on my laptop yet, so I don't know if it is just that or if Discord is not receiving anything from the headset if I press the mute button... Will ...

  • Copy messages, creating an archive?

    When people in my Server are coming up with the best post to describe a task, write a wonderful tutorial it might get lost pretty quickly. To further enhance discord to use for documentation (much ...

  • Formatting - List items

    Hello, one thing I like to post is pointed lists.... so far I could help myself with a small dash, but there are no line indents and nice grouping. Can you help? Maybe adding something just like t...

  • Formatting - on Right click

    Hello, Markdown is great (now that I know it works!) but could we gain a context menu for the available things as well?, Symbols for B, I, U, S would do, me things :) Cheers