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  • Sorry for sounding negative, but unfortunately, blowing up the whole phone is not a work around when the issue is just one, single app. Merry Christmas:-)

  • Definitely agree! Our members on our server really struggle reading that tiny font (Android/IOS). This, shouldn't have to be an issue, right?

  • The font is too small, now, that's a real issue. Definitely the chat app with the smallest font ever. Hope you can implement standard font size or let us choose.

  • We were affected by this frustrating bug two day ago as well and it really mess up the notifications on mobile! Everyone on our server relies heavily on seeing which channel the notification comes...

  • No disrespect, Spectrah, but could they have misunderstood the issue? What does a long string of seemingly random numbers add to a notification that had basic, meaningful info in it?

  • We're experiencing the same on our server today! Really frustrating as server members rely on this exact information in our notifications. We've found that this bug happens Android users and not ou...

  • Seriously? Why would they do that?