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  • Light roles in light themes

    I think that eveeryone gets annoyed when he is using the light theme and there is a white role, it prevents the user to see username, so I would suggest to make the white role color abit colored so...

  • More features for the bots

    Bots is a great feature for any platform, but Discord server permissions are so restricted, the server owner can't do alot of stuff, the settings are restricted as well as the bots, the bots is co...

  • A fourth hypersquad group

    I would like to see a fourth hypersquad group with a dark/black badge representing the monster side, it would be cool to have the bad/good side.

  • A deletion history

    So instead of completely deleting the message, and sometimes it makes other people thinks that you are talking to yourself, make a history for the deletion, like the blocked messages. When you bloc...

  • the ability to upload saved videos to discord

    I would like to see the ability to upload videos to discord instead of uploading everything to youtube.