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  • So i posted a thread on the subreddit and got a response. Spellcheck should be avalible once discord is based on Electron 9 that provides the chrome spellcheck API that should work on linux 

  • @Astral Nomad Ive had a try by changing the spellcheck libary to look in the shared dictionary folder, but that hasnt worked. I dont want to mess much further than the 3rd party libaries

  • the package in the main arch linux repos(that manjaro base its repos on) is currently out of date, wait a few days :P. There are app images and flatpak versions avalible. I went the route of editin...

  • So we got the 0.0.10 update, still shipping a discord_spellcheck module with the hunspell dictionaries removed, although oddly it seems like the spell check library in use doesnt check for a system...

  • And i have a feeling like they are using the API provided by githubs atom... that supports Linux   Want proof, this is the libary they use https://github.com/atom/node-spellchecker see below and co...

  • Just before one of Discords staff reply with a incorrect and outdated answer like they did with this one, Twiimoji does have them, and has had them for about 10 months according to the github repo ...