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bn880 的最新活動
  • bn880 已評論,

    And suddenly today, after many restarts of Discord (windows app), it's back.   Quite curious, not sure what's happening.

  • bn880 已建立貼文,

    GIFs has lost favorites tab

    When clicking on GIFs in the past there was a tab that listed favorites,  This is now gone, and GIFs load with a blank search menu only.  WHATS UP WITH THAT Discord?

  • bn880 已評論,

    Great, I wonder if the font options will allow getting the old font contrast as well.  Size is adjustable already.

  • bn880 已評論,

    Seems they don't give a rats behind about it.  But a designer made a whole article about how awesome of a job they did to redesign it, no doubt promoted by now.   I've seen many of the feedback thr...