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Icy 的最新活動
  • Icy 已評論,

    I've since moved to a new Android phone and now have access to the 'Tweak notifications settings' option, which directs you to the system setting for notifications for the app and allows you to set...

  • Icy 已評論,

    I must be doing something wrong then @smartprograms, because I'm using the latest beta version of the Android Discord app (9.2.5) and do not see anything like 'Tweak notification settings'. https:/...

  • Icy 已建立貼文,

    Mobile app notification sounds

    This has been requested in various post many times previously, but this is part of my mission to hopefully have it finally addressed by the Discord team. Most modern mobile apps (specifically those...

  • Icy 已評論,

    Hasn't this been requested for the last two years or more? It's pretty crazy that a modern mobile app does not allow you to have a notification sound other than the system-wide default.