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Jack 的最新活動
  • Jack 已建立貼文,

    Allow usage of animated emojis on the server they are from WITHOUT requiring the user to have Nitro

    First off, I'm writing this from the perspective of a server admin / community moderator, and I'm not out to just get free stuff, I will offer a suggestion for how to keep this as a "premium" featu...

  • Jack 已建立貼文,

    Allow server owners to credit sticker artists

    In many instances, a guild's custom stickers will be created by independent artists. I am requesting the ability as a server owner to optionally credit a sticker's artist on a per-sticker basis by ...

  • Jack 已評論,

    While at first glance this is a solution and I was really excited to read about it, after digging a bit deeper it turned out that those are unfortunately pretty useless for the majority of cases. T...

  • Jack 已評論,

    @Minx the thing is that if you already have to switch to a different channel, it's similar to switching to PMs. It's better, but it is a clunky workaround in my eyes. The main benefit of this featu...

  • Jack 已評論,

    While I see the administrative benefits, this would bring serious problems. A user message should belong to the author and the author only. Changing this would bring too much possibility of abuse, ...

  • Jack 已評論,

    Since that's stored per users and not per servers, you probably won't be able to modify (clear) the status, but I can imagine a server setting for completely disabling custom statuses. I think a to...

  • Jack 已評論,

    Good idea, I second that.Could allow nicer formatting of bot messages that contain multiple informations.

  • Jack 已評論,

    Very useful idea!I'm currently in the process of creating a bot myself and this feature would be incredibly helpful.I have information that I want to only display to one user, but they are channel ...