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DIO 的最新活動
  • DIO 已評論,

    5 months and still nothing. Good job. Give us OPTIONS to pick our OWN font sizes for everything. I absolutely hate this mix-up of big/small fonts and i generally like the current small font. For al...

  • DIO 已評論,

    Wish i could upvote this a hundred times although Discord doesn't care either way. EDIT: There was an update today which restored it back to how it once was, I'm a betatester btw. So yeah, very app...

  • DIO 已評論,

    Yes, please make it even bigger so i can finally achieve the feeling of having a small phone display while using a primitive chatroom app from 2004, i approve.

  • DIO 已評論,

    Please don't make this the default, make it an OPTIONAL function in the settings.

  • DIO 已建立貼文,

    Link preview formatting issue

    If you have link previews turned on and post for example a Twitter post where the user uses discord formatting signs (- ``` || ~~ * etc) then they get formed in exactly that way in the preview. Ple...

  • DIO 已評論,

    If anything they should be optional... just in case anyone of the team decides to implement it and it's greatly impacting the design again.

  • DIO 已評論,

    This needs a hotfix this asap. For now i downgraded to 8.1.9 because it's just unbearable. Edit: Almost a week and still nothing changed... it can't be that hard to change a simple number determini...