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deppu 的最新活動
  • deppu 已評論,

    The emoji button is now an instant freeze button. You have to force close the app and open it again-- sometimes it even freezes on boot up when this happen, which then I have to force close that to...

  • deppu 已評論,

    Well, alright. Maybe my phone isn't the beefiest. It's Samsung Galaxy S5 from 2014. It does work fine, yes, but every now and then it just lags with the emotes. I'll be honest, parading nitro onl...

  • deppu 已評論,

    Bad move. Phone freezes for a good 10 seconds everytime I open the emote menu after relaunching the app-- and my phone is pretty beefy. I can imagine it being worse on older phones. It's also a cho...