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Mart 的最新活動
  • Mart 已評論,

    I'm still changing tickets with them and no progress. This is so annoying :x

  • Mart 已評論,

    So far, we haven't been able to fix the issue.I'll keep you updated. It's annoying, but they're really trying, asking for logs, etc. Most likely is some feature on Samsung's side that's messing wit...

  • Mart 已評論,

    I've been in contact with the Discord Team for about 3 weeks now.I own a S10 Device and have been having the same issues above mentioned.So far, we haven't been able to discover the issue yet, but ...

  • Mart 已評論,

    I think it's a Galaxy thing. I'm on S10 and my video calls look like they're 1-2 FPS too.Meanwhile on PC it looks PERFECT.