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Marconius 的最新活動
  • Marconius 已評論,

    Please add this, along with customizable date format as well. Language setting isn't intrinsically tied to date/time format, and it's poor UX design to do so. Responding "well just change the displ...

  • Marconius 已評論,

    I'll link mine too:

  • Marconius 已建立貼文,

    Bring Unread badge display in line with Notification settings

    I am in numerous servers in Discord; some I just follow casually, others I want to know every single message for (these are usually small groups of friends). Now for notifications, great, you got t...

  • Marconius 已評論,

    Server mute does apply to the Unread badge in the current version, but I would still like a way to not display Unread for a server while still keeping notifications on. My preferred solution would ...