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  • trustedmercury 已評論,

    I think people are putting too much emphasis on partnership. This can positively affect the general discord userbase too. I work with teams or partners a lot and not sharing Discord ownership can o...

  • trustedmercury 已評論,

    Sounds good 👍 Thanks a lot for letting me know!

  • trustedmercury 已建立貼文,

    See the number of people who have a role in Server Settings

    When server admins go to Server Settings ➝ Members, you can see the number of people in the whole server as the default selected role is @everyone.  When we select a Display Role, the member count...

  • trustedmercury 已評論,

    1. thats not what the post is regarding, it's just an example 2. because the beta was in 300 servers and I didn't want to limit it  

  • trustedmercury 已建立貼文,

    Allow verified bots to change their name

    Currently, verified bots cannot change their username. I don't see any reason this limitation exists - upvote (or whatever you do in these discord forums) to allow verified bots to change their na...