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zzǝʃƃɐƎɐɥdʃ∀ 的最新活動
  • zzǝʃƃɐƎɐɥdʃ∀ 已建立貼文,

    24hr Time Format

    How about a toggle or system option for 24hr time on iPhones? Currently, the only way for that is using English UK, and then that changes the date format and throws the English US people off, and a...

  • zzǝʃƃɐƎɐɥdʃ∀ 已評論,

    I agree for now the way I do it is I just go into the discord then search by mentions then my username. That’s the only way I know of doing it until they add it back (If they do).

  • zzǝʃƃɐƎɐɥdʃ∀ 已評論,

    Ok. So it’s not just me I was wondering, I knew it used to show then it stopped and I thought it was just my discord.