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  • Android Mobile Call Layout

    Ever since the new update it has been really difficult to join back calls. Before the update, if I looked at a DM/Group Chat there would be a green bar to indicate a call is going on and I could cl...

  • Speaker Phone & Proximity Sensor

    I've not had an issue with speaker phone not working as long as I keep my headset connected. The button in the call (it should be white when enabled) has always worked. A new problem that's recentl...

  • Volume control for dm streaming

    When a user goes live in a channel, everyone who watches has a volume control on the stream which will control the stream sound and nothing else (no voices change). When someone streams from a dm c...

  • Custom status

    It would be great if two things could happen. 1) Statuses could be made server independent, so you can have different statuses on different servers. 2) If that can't happen, and even if it does, th...