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Eli 的最新活動
  • Eli 已評論,

    I like Piper's revamp of the new UI, except for the 'new' message line. It just feels almost too sharp, which could easily be softened by altering the red to a more neutral red instead of a bright ...

  • Eli 已建立貼文,

    Reaction Bar Is Not User Friendly

    So like many people on the feedback forums today, I'm not a fan of the reaction bar being intrusively shoved into every message I hover over. I knew the reaction emoji's existed, I knew where they ...

  • Eli 已評論,

    The rest I can deal with, but the reaction bar is just so glaringly intrusive. I run dark mode on Discord for a reason, and the bright ass colours of the reaction emoji's is an eyesore. I barely us...

  • Eli 已評論,

    I genuinely thought this was a bug until it continued to happen after the third or fourth Discord restart. It's doing it in the desktop app version too, not just the browser. I can't wrap my head a...