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Drayx11 的最新活動
  • Drayx11 已評論,

    Oh please, you just played the golden victim card. Cite where exactly i called you unintelligent. PLEASE , and after that you might respond to the actual points i raised, And as far as i know, show...

  • Drayx11 已評論,

    Ok, first of all i didn't insult you and not planning to as i invited everyone to a civil discussion. BUT i am free to assume anything about your intelligence level as you are free to do that in re...

  • Drayx11 已評論,

    Because it seems they simply do not care. I have made my own post about this and will remain at the same opinion. It'sa huge ripoff for a multi-million company to ask that much. "But hey, you're a ...

  • Drayx11 已評論,

    Allright, we will have to agree to disagree from the start , because i know that no matter how much backing/facts i will ever provide to back my opinion/statements, discord fanboysm will persist ev...

  • Drayx11 已評論,

    As a note: this post wan't created to blindly throw shade at the developer, but as a way to criticize in the hope that the discussion will spark a reevaluation of this bad corporate practices, as D...

  • Drayx11 已建立貼文,

    Boosting not worth it - Ripoff.

    Ok, dont get me wrong, im not crying out loud because im poor, listen before you begin throwing sh*t in my direction: -By separating the comunity this much with some "kind of necessary" features by...