Nebula System

just a weird system with DID.

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  • Nebula System 已評論,

    this needs to be changed, the new one is so flat and nearly emotionless, and it expresses so little emotion it feels meaningless. emojis are supposed to express emotions! in full force! not feel li...

  • Nebula System 已評論,

    i agree with this, this needs to be a thing, and if the forum moderators think that an issue is closed, they should add a reason, that way people know why it was closed, namely anyone who follows s...

  • Nebula System 已建立貼文,

    UI ideas for future

    i think they should add an advanced UI customization tool, so you can choose what UI elements you want, or even draw your own, so we can choose how our Clyde looks if we want, bc i mean, when disco...