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rosethorn 的最新活動
  • rosethorn 已評論,

    Though as many people have mentioned, this is possible with bots, there are a few limitations to bots. For one thing, they only work in servers. You can't use them in DMs. For another, they don't s...

  • rosethorn 已評論,

    maybe something like where you could right click the sent message and say "send as separated message". or a "split here" character you could put in when typing the message. or a keybind where you h...

  • rosethorn 已評論,

    Was hoping that there was already a way to do this, disappointed there isn't. I will say for your own messages, you can go into edit mode and copy+paste from there, but it doesn't work for anyone e...

  • rosethorn 已建立貼文,

    Raise emoji cap for Nitro members / Pay to raise emoji cap in a server

    There were two posts about this already, but one was closed and one no longer exists.I'm surprised that this isn't already an option. 50 emojis is not a lot. It would be nice if it was increased fo...