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Djprietoyneta 的最新活動
  • Djprietoyneta 已評論,

    If I am aware that you can become a VIP server. but I was talking about private MDs among friends for Nitro people. to be able to make video calls.

  • Djprietoyneta 已評論,

    I have a server of +800 people, but we use private groups in a more personalized way for the + VIP members, and only the private groups are maximum 10. And there we use it almost more than Whatsap

  • Djprietoyneta 已建立貼文,

    Private groups +10

    Hi guys, I'm a discord partner. Can you make an improvement so that private groups can be more than 10 people? We would appreciate it very much, I hope you are all well!