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  • DarranJFord 已評論,

    jmznoh you should try contacting them to ask about removing it. When they say you can't you can push for a refund.You could be our hero here because it might remind them that this is an issue for p...

  • DarranJFord 已評論,

    Hey Discord. There's my cancellation. Let me know if you decide to change this nonsense policy.  

  • DarranJFord 已評論,

    Judging by the timestamps on the comments here, my guess is that a lot of people have joined discord as a result of the lockdowns and remote working arrangements. This means a lot of people are on ...

  • DarranJFord 已評論,

    Please, please!. I get this is difficult to believe and you think that we must be kidding or something. Not all of us are egotists.On some servers it might be all good fun or whatever, but in my se...