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Aisu 的最新活動
  • Aisu 已評論,

     I banned the BOT and send him messages about what he was actually trying to do to us that fall for his/her scam.I told him get a life since he wanted to scam us all.Like, who would trust that? So ...

  • Aisu 已評論,

    I see, someone has found the FREE NUDE server.  Weird Isn't it?  

  • Aisu 已評論,

    Nope, It's fake. It just send me more Weird E-Girl server and asked me to join.

  • Aisu 已評論,

    I just had it right now, Idk where it came from, Idk if we have mutual servers and it scared me. So, I tested the Discord Bot in my Old Discord Server. Which... I don't really use it anymore but I'...