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jurojinpoker 的最新活動
  • jurojinpoker 已評論,

    Please put this as a nitro feature and me and all my colleagues will pay for it

  • jurojinpoker 已評論,

    Please do this!! Do it just for nitro and I would pay for it, I don't care about emojis or streaming quality I need to be able to do stuff like this!

  • jurojinpoker 已評論,

    Please do this!!

  • jurojinpoker 已評論,

    To those of you saying "This cannot be done because a user may be in several servers", okay, I agree... But at least they could make it for individual (private) conversations.   I speak with a lot ...

  • jurojinpoker 已評論,

    +1, I created a similar petition, i think both buttons should be available, where quote selection only appears if theres something selected.

  • jurojinpoker 已建立貼文,

    Quote selection

    Provide a new button, along with quote message, that is Quote selection (both should exist). Editing a long message after quoted just to point to a specific part of the message is inconvenient.