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normalguy! 的最新活動
  • normalguy! 已評論,

    But people are littleary talking to them on twitter and everything. Sure To the average person they is nothing wrong. But when u think about it discord could be coding this new feuture and it could...

  • normalguy! 已評論,

    If it really "sucks" Then stop bothering discord. Move on. Say ur opinion somewhere else instead of bothering discord when they want to look at community posts or whatever.

  • normalguy! 已建立貼文,

    Stop postting CHANGE The logo

    Hello guys. This is my first post. I just wanteded to say stop invading the discord forums. Its a simple logo changne. Its not gunna reduce ur life span. Its a simple logo change.Just ignore it. Di...

  • normalguy! 已評論,

    i have to say i dislike that you guys are littelary spamming this forum just for a small logo.  Ignore it. Its not gunna reduce ur life span. It deosnt make the company look more kid like. Discord ...