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egg! 的最新活動
  • egg! 已評論,

    so I updated and got the Google play billing, but how do I use it? after I updated it doesnt even let me buy nitro anymore like normal it says to manage my subscription on the website but on the we...

  • egg! 已建立貼文,

    Nitro Emoji Packs

    Personally, I like to keep my servers organized and not have a bunch of uneeded servers. I know a lot of others who do too. What if there was an emoji store kind of like the server finding section,...

  • egg! 已評論,

    maybe not override server role colors, but it changes it in dms because some servers use role colors for organizing members and it would be confusing if someone who was supposed to be (example) yel...

  • egg! 已評論,

    I really hope they do, I'd definitely buy nitro if they did.