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    Desktop Notification Text Size

    The main app interface is amazing at letting one finely adjust the text and icon sizes. I set my sizes bigger because I have it up on a media PC and sit farther away. I would love an option to be a...

  • sx 已評論,

    My understanding is even Nitro users experience the image compression still, is this true? If so I have no reason to use Nitro, and really as long as I am within the file attachment size limits the...

  • sx 已評論,

    Yes please, I went to do this naturally just a couple days ago. I remember spending longer than I should have trying to mouseover what I thought was a 1 pixel frame border until I realized there wa...

  • sx 已評論,

    I agree, Discord should have this feature if only just to aid in converting over Facebook Messenger users to the platform, as well as other services that offer a gallery view for quickly scrolling ...