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tj 的最新活動
  • tj 已建立貼文,

    Option to give specific users or roles exemption from Slowmode

    I think having the option to tick a box on a specific channel for either a role or specific user that gives them an exemption from the slowmode on that channel would be more than ideal. It makes it...

  • tj 已評論,

    And like I said, I really do think there should be some permanent benefits if you do buy or use server boosts instead of having to constantly buy them, but in no way should it be their fault that p...

  • tj 已評論,

    Yes, "you people". Aimed at all the people ranting about bad advertising when in reality they just spend money without the ability to read or do a bit of research. What else would I mean? Or was th...

  • tj 已評論,

    I think you people are being way overdramatic. It was instantly obvious to me that it would only last for the duration of your nitro. However I definitely would like to see some kind of longer last...