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  • Forstrei 已評論,

    Why does this have downvotes with no comments? I'd love to have this feature. I'm on a server where people offer up ingame items that go pretty quickly. I'd love to be able to be pinged as soon as ...

  • Forstrei 已評論,

    How is this not already a thing? There's a button that says "mute all notifications for this server" and yet role notifications aren't part of 'all'??? I'm in a server for a pvp based mmo, so they ...

  • Forstrei 已評論,

    We need this. Trying to manage a server where you can't tell who's new and who's just got name ADD is ridiculous. Seriously, users should have a static username that can't be changed and the change...

  • Forstrei 已建立貼文,

    Stop the "welcome back" message (or at least add a disable option)

    Every time I launch discord now it asks if I want to rejoin my previous channel. At first it was cool, it let me reconnect to the server I visit the most quickly, but now it's just obnoxious. I don...