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Tudi20 近期的活動 近期的活動 投票數
  • Thread-ception

    Allow the creation of threads inside threads.

  • /dm @user slash command

    It would be great, if we could quickly dm other users via slash command or jump to our dms with that person.

  • Only two characters unsupported by font

    The two Hungarian characters ő and ű are commonly not supported by fonts, this is the case with Discord's frontpage. This unnatural look for ő and ű as such can make reading more difficult on the w...

  • Magic Tutorial Buttons

    The ability to post magic links into the chat that would turn into a button, that would step-by-step take an user to a specified place. For inspiration take a look at https://support.eveonline.com/...

  • Allow server owners to choose the Nitro Boosting Tier Reward

    Every server is different and is some servers.I recommend the ability to swap between Animated Server Icon, Server Banner and Vanity URL.For example HUB servers that rarely get any activity would s...